Sunday, May 18, 2014 1:12 PM

Traffic Police

There was a slight drizzle in the air. Cars honked like they had a flight to catch. Bikes swiveled like it was a belly dancing show. In the midst of all that ruckus, stood he, drenched in the uncanny cold July rain, raising his hand in élan as every odd guy stopped. The CEO and the spare part, all having no choice but to halt in emergency. As water drops trickled down his muscular torso, I remembered bare torso football boys soaked in a brown gravy of mud creating ripples in my teenage soul. He reminded me of a man who I dreamt of, a real man who was more than solitude and less than a crowd, who makes you feel like a woman again, after all these years of domestic decadence. O police, the controller of traffic, take a break. You could do better than put sense into the madness of these indiscreet souls.

12:57 PM

Sarkhej Roza

It took a long walk through the debris. Through the lost glory of the ancient. Through the untold stories. We could hardly imagine the opulence, the extravaganza of the time. Embarrassed by the aura we chose not to speak a word. Oh! Our silence was so damn appropriate for the place. Suddenly azaan emerged from the collective silence creating an apt mood for the perfect sunset. Thanks to their royal highnesses Arbaz and Muddassir for allowing us in their empire. Am sure they will be great successors.

12:49 PM


Bird says once you hold someone’s hand you hold it forever. Bee says you have two hands so you can hold more than one hand at a time. Bird says either you are with someone wholeheartedly or you don’t. Bee says enlarge your heart; love as much as you can. With the bird I have learnt that the love is blind. Bee taught me how only eyes can do the talking. Bird showed me how bright is white and how dark the black can be. Bee pointed out the 50 shades of grey. Bird showed how sexy a broken promise can be. Bee demonstrated how to keep a promise without making one. Thanks to the titans of my life, I learned they coexist and I learned they are forever.